Locking and SQL Syncing in Detail 4-8-16

Learn in detail when to lock, unlock and SQL Sync

Copying Members Tips and Tricks 28/07/16

Learn when to copy a member and when not to. Learn how to copy a member with many incontext relationships and how to do it without impacting too much on the Welded Member's external references.

Starting a New Project Wed 5-6-13

Learn how to setup a project and WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)

Understanding Driving Sketches Wed 12-6-13

Driving Sketches are the key to the way The Steel Detailer Oporates

Advanced Modelling of TSD Members Wed 19-6-13

Learn some advanced modelling techniques in SOLIDWORKS.

Creating Automated Girt Drawings Wed 19-6-13

Need to understand the Automation of creating Girt, Pulrin, Joist or Fascia Drawings.

Adding Library models to the Library Wed 26-6-13


Smart Connection Modelling Wed 3-7-13

Learn some smarter SOLIDWORKS modeling for TSD Connections

Modelling Concrete Panels Wed 10-7-13

Mark Numbering Wed 24-7-13


Create New Connections Wed 30-7-13

Project Setup Tue 19-8-13


Driving Sketches Tue 26-8-13

Automated Filing Tue 3-9-13


Locking Members and SQL Sync Tue 9-9-13

TSD 2015 Connections Thu 9-7-15