The Steel Detailer Member Insertion is the only Steelwork Library Insertion Software of its kind.

Imagine inserting a steel beam with connections on a sketch line or multiple sketches. Imagine every time you insert a member there is an associated drawing also. That’s right!  The drawing of the steel member with connections is updated and re-associated to the new location.






Download Complete Members

You can buy members from this website in order to populate your library. You can upload multiple members or single members to the library for insertion into your projects from here.

Alternatively you can create your own.

The Steel Detailer gives you the functionality to look through the Member Library and add a new member and or delete a member.






Copy and Insert the same member Model under a different Name

The Steel Detailer Allows you to copy an Existing Member from the Project and Attach it to another Weldment, Sketch, Sketch Segment or Point.

The Member Model is Renamed in a sequential order and inserted, rotated and mated into position along with the associated drawing.






Duplicate and Insert the same member Model in your Project

The Steel Detailer Allows you to Duplicate an Existing Member from the Project and Attach it to another Weldment, Sketch, Sketch Segment or Point.

The Member Model is inserted, rotated and mated into position along with the associated drawing.





Member Insertion using Filters

When using The Steel Detailer you can be sure you’ll find all of your library members fast for insertion. No searching through folders in explorer and looking for that model you used on a specific project.

Select from the three filters and drill down on a model for insertion. Yes … It’s that simple !

All of the models under the search criteria is selectable and insert able.

Consider that you have modelled a weldment part frame and want to use it over and over again. Just upload it to the model library and you know where it is kept always.

Consider that you may have designed a project at concept stage with just sticks in a SolidWorks Weldment part. Bring it into your project and use the member to attach fully parametric detailed library members to. Connections and all. Do you think that this would be fast. Without a doubt!!

Insert using Weldment members by SolidWorks Weldment, by Sketch, by Sketch Segment, by Sketch Point.

Insert Multiple Members at once. No filing with sequential filing, no need to worry about the back end. It’s all done for you …






Lock Members for Model Loading Size Reduction

When a user selects a model for locking the member model goes through a massive process.

The process is as follows:

  • The user selects which bolts are attached to the member.
  • All members BOM details are created.
  • All the drawings titleblock and BOM associated to the model updated.
  • The drawings templates are replaced with the projects templates.
  • The Plates are compared and replaced if similar and the Plate drawings BOM is totalled for the entire project.
  • The Quantities are updated to match total for the project.
  • The Plates, Sections and Vendor models and associated drawings are saved into distinct file locations.

The process of locking the model significantly reduces massive amounts of work.






Since Members and drawings are locked (locking is a description, the model is not Locked, but placed in a final stage).

Unlock Member will place the Member and associated drawings back to the template stage.





In addition to locking Members there is a Lock Panel, which does a couple of processes, such as adding ferrule symbols to Panels Far Face, Near Face and size based on ferrules positions and hole diameters.

Data is also added to the drawing based on selections in the property manager page.





Blank Member Insertion is for initiating a member from scratch.

The user can select a blank member, vertical member or horizontal member.

The Automatic filing system based on a model code selection automatically adds the model to the package completely filed without using the standard repetitive mundane processes.