The Steel Detailer combined with the library management system of Projects, Areas, Members, Bolted Connections, Plates and Parts and the simplicity of inserting into a project makes it a monster of organisation and speed.

Bolted Connections

Create your own parametric bolted connections and add them to your very own library. Connections are inserted with a breeze and can be replicated and inserted into other members in the same project. NO OTHER package on the market today allows you to create your own FLEXIBLE PARAMETRIC CONNECTIONS without macros. That’s right, if you move a member the connection moves also. The Steel Detailer does this with ease ...

Pick & Shoot

Insert a Member and part on a sketch segment line and have automated relationships added to stretch the member along the segment . Open a drawing and watch the drawing update the members length and BOM as it opens.. It’s simply that easy...

Automated Drawings

When a library member, section, or plate is modelled a drawing is also created as a template. A simple upload to the library and you have a drawing template that automatically updates on insertion. With a few minor changes a large detailed drawing can be completed in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

SQL Database Reporting

Since The Steel Detailer has a SQL backend Cut Lists and Bolt Schedules can be created without opening the complete model.

DSTV CNC Exporting

The Steel Detailer DSTV CNC Export for Solidworks is a separate software installation that creates NC1 files for beam line cutting.

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Automated Filing

Life is so easy when you don’t have to worry about filing descriptions or naming thousands of parts and assemblies when you own the Automated Filing System in The Steel Detailer.

Copy & Duplication

After inserting Members from the library into a project they can be modified and copied as new members or duplicated as a second instance. Alternatively the Member can be uploaded to the library for re-use over and over again. This means adding members to a project from the library or the same project makes it easier than ever before.

Multiple Insertion

Draw a chain sketch and insert on every segment line a TSD Member Automatically with sequentially filing automatically. Use The Steel Detailers function of multiple Insertion of Concrete Panels, Timber Walls, Brick Walls, Handrailing, Beams, Girt Walls, etc, and see how you can pattern on sketches at 90 deg around corners.

Purlin Drawings

This fast and yet simple process can save you days or even hours. The Steel Detailer selects the 3D girt, purlin, fascia, joist and simply gets the size, qty, length and holes and produces automated punching drawings.

Analysis Software Sync

The Steel Detailer creates native files for STAAD PRO, S-FRAME and RISA 3D from Solidworks Structures. Which means there are NO 3rd party software formats required like CIS/2 or SDNF. This function has by directional Syncing.