What is Automation About?

Imagine Automating the process of delivering documentation for fabrication of various types of typical designs such as buildings, conveyors, platforms and much much more.

Please note: This is a demonstration site and is constantly being improved.

What is running behind this website?

This website is the interface for a Microsoft Azure Server (in the cloud). The server has SOLIDWORKS, The Steel Detailer Gold Partner Product for SOLIDWORKS and MS Office Installed. The server also has AZURE SQL, which is similar to Full SQL Server.

What are the possibilities of this Approach?

Simply put. If you can automate most of the projects processes, then most of the project will save you time and money beyond having a draftsperson sit there for the full amount of time.

As a client you could host your own system with your own libraries or alternatively we can look after it for you...

How Does it Work?

Using the Latest SOLIDWORKS and The Steel Detailer Software, a user fills in the interface and submits the data to the database. An active Listener listens for the new form submission and the projects process begins.

What macros are running?

Macros such as the below are already at your disposal.

  • Create Project
  • Insert Library Model
  • Update Dimensions
  • Create Quotes
  • Create Eassembly
  • Lock Members
  • Consolidate Sections, Plates and Vendor Items
  • Automatically Place BOM's on each drawing
  • Update Drawings Revisions
  • Update Drawings Data
  • Update Drawings Sheet Templates
  • Export Cut Lists
  • Create PDF's of all drawings
  • Email Client Specific drawing, EAssembly and Quote Link
  • Email fabrication documentation

If a custom macro is required to complete the process, we can certainly do that for you...

So Please give this website a go and see what happens....