What is The Steel Detailer ?

3DS_2014_BRAND LABELS_SWK_CertGoldProductThe Steel Detailer is a Gold Partnered Structural Design and Detailing Addon to SOLIDWORKS®. Customers from all around the world use The Steel Detailer to complete structural projects in the Building and Construction, Mining and Oil & Gas industries.


Quadro Logo - 3D (Engineering Design & Drafting - Dk Grey)The Steel Detailer is designed and used by Quadro Design Pty Ltd in Perth,  Western Australia.


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TSD Installation File

Reconstruction of the TSD installation file is almost complete and trials will soon be available. This will be a much more reliable solution for all our customers.

How Customers Benefit from Using The Steel Detailer and SOLIDWORKS


Michael Crawford | Quadro Design

SOLIDWORKS World 2015 Partner Interview with Michael Crawford, The Steel Detailer

Michael Crawford | Quadro Design



Discover The Steel Detailer's Features and how they can help you speed up your SOLIDWORKS experience.

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Watch how The Steel Detailer can improve your SOLIDWORKS experience.

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Case Study

Learn how we found out The Steel Detailer speeds up your SOLIDWORKS experience 5 times faster with this Case Study.

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Library Models

Need library models to fill The Steel Detailer Library reducing modelling times considerably.

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The Steel Detailer DSTV CNC NC1 Export for SOLIDWORKS

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3D Model Project Example Fly Throughs

Note: These are examples of Projects completed using The Steel Detailer. Some projects are quite large and will take some time to open, please be patient the wait is worth it.

(CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW - It will load, be patient. Use your mouse scroll to zoom in and out and hold down left mouse button to rotate, right mouse button to pan)


The Steel Detailer 2016 add-on for SOLIDWORKS 2016


Download and trial The ONLY SOLIDWORKS GOLD PARTNERED PRODUCT for Structural Steel Detailing NOW for 30 days FREE!

Are you a SOLIDWORKS® designer and need something to automate steel modeling and detailing? Then turn SOLIDWORKS® into a structural application by adding The Steel Detailer to it.

Some of The Steel Detailer features...

  • Automated Filing
  • Automated Bolted and Cutting Connections
  • Automated Detailing
  • Automated Project Creation
  • Library Management
  • Automated BOM
  • Automated Consolidation of Components
  • Batch Document Processes such as Revisions, pdf, dxf, dwg
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TSD 2017 for SOLIDWORKS 2017 coming soon!


TSD 2017 is currently under development and will be released soon.

Watch this space!